1. Storyhill (Chris & Johnny) – Everything in a VW Van from Shapeshifting (1991) by Storyhill (as Chris and Johnny)
  2.  Jungle Lullaby Mathias Kom Jungle Blues by C.W. Stoneking
  3. The Wombat Song from Simply Lillian by Simply Lillian
  4. bath club from dear diaryhea by tweedle
  5. No Better Time Than Right Now! from Definitely DEFINITELY! by Robin Jupiter
  6. The Country North of Peterborough from Curious Heart by Michael Johnsto
  7. Off Guard from Curious Heart by Michael Johnston
  8. Soft Green Eyes from Now With You by Tom Carter and The Big FanDamily Band
  9. We Were Cool from YEAH NO FINE by SOPHIE STRAUSS

A phoenix rose
Up from the stove
Holding at a simmer
It was an omen
Oh yes an omen
So we boiled it for dinner

Never was I much of a believer
But then Percy’s Song comes on in the hills
And I see a roadmap and a skyline
and the doctor gave me pills

Write it once cause we were cool
Get home late cause we were cool
Light a match and throw it out
Cause we were cool

At work we like
To say a knife
Is never what’ll get you
I’m holding out
That you’ll be nice
I think you might forget to

Never was I much for leaving early
But I already said I’d bring the cake
And I see your wife and I see diamonds
And I wonder if they’re fake

Write it once cause we were cool
Get home late cause we were cool
Light a match and throw it out
Cause we were cool

Do you
need a mirror?
It’s been a year of expensive reflecting
I look tired
Cause you are tired
Babe, we call that projecting

At 5pm I should be in a church
She invited me to come inside the church
You know I didn’t make it to the church
And I wasn’t in the Grand Canyon at sundown

Never was I much for telling lies
But then lightning’s striking heavy in July
And I saw it all in pictures
All in pictures and goodbyes

Write it once cause we were cool
Get home late cause we were cool
Light a match and throw it out
Cause we were cool

Write it once
Stay out late
Light a match
And throw it out

10. Over Everything from Lotta Sea Lice by courtney barnett and kurt vile

11. Talkin’ Walmart Texas Blues from Highway Winds by Wesley Randolph Eader

12. F The Government, I Love You from Don’t Believe The Hyperreal by Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom

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